The EHRF’s primary objective is sound science, specifically as it relates to research, policy, health and environmental issues, and the sharing of information. Critical to this mission is the collection and dissemination of information to benefit the scientific community, regulatory agencies, and the public.

In view of the fact that health and environmental issues are increasingly complicated by political as well as scientific considerations, it is imperative that decision-makers, whether in regulatory or industry organizations, understand the various points of view and make decisions based on the key scientific findings. EHRF takes pride in understanding issue dynamics, including the need to identify experts who are able to separate fact from claim and communicate the science in understandable terms.

EHRF accomplishes this objective in a cost-effective manner through its national network of scientists and policy analysts. Scientists associated with EHRF are committed to the Foundation’s mission of providing sound, science-based guidance, utilizing creative problem-solving skills, accessing the most current scientific literature, and addressing topical issues in the most science-based and balanced manner possible.

The foundation typically produces:

  • Monographs of single research topics, or legal and/or policy analysis with commentary.
  • Critical reviews of the scientific literature – to enable decision-makers to know the strengths and weaknesses of divergent views on a selected issue, including the scientific uncertainties, and to make science-based decisions.

The Foundation engages experts representing a range of sectors (academia, government, and industry) to identify areas for improvement in the current safety assessment process for chemicals and to provide a constructive forum for the discussion of and generation of recommendations for addressing technical concerns.